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Water Allocations - 2018

As promised, I received the water allocation numbers this morning from Reclamation. With this allocation we will be receiving 20% for agriculture and 70% for domestic use. These numbers are based on the last three UNCONSTRAINED water years. The bottom line is that we will NOT be introducing any required cutback measures, penalties or fines this year. We DO ask that you water wisely. We WILL be putting the drought shortage policy in to place that asks customers to water wisely and pay attention to and repair any leaks discovered immediately.

We will be providing more details during the April board meeting next month. It is scheduled for 6:30 P.M. at the District office on April the 18th.

The Clear Creek CSD customer base is very good at water conservation measures as you have proven to be in the past. Unfortunately, this is all too common, but becoming a way of life. The staff thanks you for all of your dedicated support and help in managing a limited supply of water.

In summary...no restrictions, pay attention and water wisely, repair any known leaks as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further information. when we are notified of any changes that information will be passed on to you in a timely fashion!