Agricultural Information

When the CCCSD was initially formed in the early 1960's the intent was to supply water for agriculture and domestic purposes. This project was a part of the much larger Federal CVP project. The district currently receives federally subsidized agricultural water for those customers who qualify for that special rate. In order to use that rate a customer must apply and qualify for the reduced rate.

Agriculture in the district has seen a decline over the years due to several factors including the cost of water, water conservation efforts, land being divided and sold for smaller domestic purposes, and the changes in the market primarily for the demand in olives. The district still has many 'micro farmers' throughout, offering fresh home grown fruits and vegetables. The CCCSD encourages agricultural efforts in the district and still offers the agricultural rate to those customers who qualify. The CCCSD staff can help a customer to qualify by providing the needed information, assistance and guidance for qualification. Please call the office or come by to discuss your intentions and determine if you qualify.

2018 Farm Trail

The 2018 Farm Trail maps are now available at the district office. You may also visit their site by clicking here!

Cal Recycle

This document provides information on the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program. Click here to view and download the whitepaper giving the information necessary. For other information related to this program please click here.