Mission Statement

Clear Creek Community Services District's commitment to our customers is the dependable delivery of high quality water, while maintaining superior customer service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of the water supply. We, too, are proud, active members of the Greater Happy Valley Community.


The February Board meeting has been canceled due to the power failures in our community and the office closure for nearly a week during the recent snow storm. 


The account inquiry feature is new to Clear Creek C.S.D. customers and is provided free of charge. To access this new feature, click here to go to the login screen.

  • You will need your book number (located on your bill or contact the office).
  • You will need your account number (located on your bill or contact the office)
  • You will need your pin number. If we have your phone number on file we have used the last four digits of your phone number. Customers without a phone number will need to contact the office for their assigned number.
  • Once logged in you have the option of viewing your current bill and printing it if needed. You may also view your past usage history and view a bar chart of last years use Vs. this years use.
  • You will also have the OPTION of paying your bill using this on-line service. What is NOT provided free of charge is the bill pay service. Our financial institution will charge $3.95 per transaction for this service.



Bill Payment Options

Looking for the most convenient way to pay your bill? We offer a wide variety of payment options to our customers. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs... Learn more...

To log-in to the new on-line account inquiry/bill pay click here.


The Clear Creek Community Services District is currently seeking grant funding to replace the dump truck and equipment trailer. The dump truck is a 1994 model and must be replaced with a 2010 or newer model due to California Air Resources Board emission requirements by no later than January 2020. The equipment trailer is a 1997 model and would need extensive modifications to be compatible with a newer model dump truck and to safely transport the District’s equipment.

Clear Creek CSD

Drinking Water Problem Corrected

On Thursday, February 14, 2019 customers of the Clear Creek CSD were advised to use boiled or bottled water for drinking and food preparation.  This morning, personnel from the Division of Drinking Water verified that all drinking water standards were being met and the water being delivered to customers is safe to drink.

It is no longer necessary to boil your tap water or to consume bottled water.

For more information call:

Water Utility contact: Skip Born, Clear Creek CSD General Manager (530) 357-2121

SWRCB Division of Drinking Water – Steve Watson, (530) 224-4800.

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in daycare centers, the elderly or others that may not have direct access to this distribution notice). You can do this be posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail. 


This notice is being sent to you by the Clear Creek CSD in conjunction with the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water

PWS#; 4510016. 

Conservation Tips

There are a number of easy ways to save water, and they all start with you. When you save water, you save money on your utility bills. Here are just a few ways... Learn more...

Visit the Clear Creek Weather Station for local weather information.


The District has the ability to query a customers meter if you are in Route 10. This will allow us to pull your watering history for your personal use. This free service provides you with a pre-determined period of time graph showing what times you used your water and how much was used during that time period. This is also an indicator of a water leak if there are not any time periods of no water use.


We also offer a free leak detection service to our customers. If you need this service please call the office and set up an appointment time for field staff to respond.

Continued...Winter months at the treatment facility.

If the turbidities reach those levels with the Whiskeytown Lake water we will cease treating the water and have no option but to shut the treatment plant down.

From that point forward we will need to serve the district through our secondary supply of water at our well and booster pump stations. IF that becomes a reality you will be informed as quickly as possible and asked to reduce your water consumption because the well field has its maximum production limits and we do not want to exceed those limits. It will require careful, full time monitoring from our qualified staff in an effort to meet the needs and demands of our customer base.

The Board of Directors will be asked to apply the water shortage contingency plan and the customers will see a rate increase to help pay for the pumping costs associated with delivering water via the well and booster pump stations. It is the intention of the Board of Directors and Clear Creek staff to keep our customers well informed through-out the upcoming winter months.

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