Mission Statement

Clear Creek Community Services District's commitment to our customers is the dependable delivery of high quality water, while maintaining superior customer service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of the water supply. We, too, are proud, active members of the Greater Happy Valley Community.


2023-2024 Water Year


No more Drought Restrictions or Penalties

Due to the better outlook for the water year, the Bureau has provided a full water year allocation and while developing the 23-24 budget, the Districts costs have been updated and the water usage rates for Domestic ($.52/HCF) and Agriculture ($.51/HCF) are now as posted.  All Encouraged to use as much water as they can afford.

Ordinance 2023-08

Payment Assistance Available

Low Income Payment Assistance Program through LIHWAP

Please follow link to find more information and locate your local service provider found on the CSD’s main website for LIHWAP: CSD- Main Website  

The regular meeting of the Board of Clear Creek Community Services District will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month. 


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Board Reduces Water Rates

June 13, 2023

Board Reduces Water Rates

And encourages customers to use as much water as can be afforded.

The improved hydrology and increased storage in Shasta Lake, the US Bureau of Reclamation declared all the District’s contract water available for the 2023-24 water year.  (For reference: The Bureau announcement to it’s Central Valley Project users:   https://www.usbr.gov/newsroom/news-release/4493)

The District’s Board of Directors approved ordinance 2023-06 that rescinded the previous water shortage/drought declaration and ended all water shortage/drought measures.  This ended the “drought rate” or blended rates and there are no penalties for any use of water

While developing the 2023-24...

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Are You Prepared for Any Situation?

Are You Prepared for Any Situation?

September 01, 2023

September is National Preparedness Month! 

Disasters happen in the blink of an eye, and we want you to be prepared. Hot, cold, rain or shine, being prepared and organized can be the difference between survival and struggle.

Let's examine some standard preparedness kits and survival tips that every home and car should have ready to go! 

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