Backflow/Well Information

Backflow assemblies shall be installed on the service connection to any premises having;

  • Internal cross-connections that cannot be permanently corrected and controlled to the satisfaction of the State or local health department and the District, or;
  • Intricate plumbing and piping arrangements or where entry to all portions of the premises are not readily accessable for inspection purposes, making it impractible or impossible to determine whether or not cross-connection exists.

In accordinance with DIstrict Rules and Regulations, Revision X, all new connections to the District distribution system, will be required to install a cross-connection device, effective January 1, 2010.

Customers with backflow control devices will be charged $61.63 annually for testing and inspection. The annual fee will be added to the monthly billing at $5.14 per month.

Any repairs that may need to be done are the responsibility of the customer to hire a State Certified repair technician to complete the repairs. When the repairs have been completed the customer must notify the District within 30 days and with documentation of repairs completed and that the device passed inspection.


D.C. Backflow Device

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