Current Projects

Posted September 2023


The District received funding from the State - first notified in mid 2022, to implement this project.  The Drought of 2021 through 2022 hightened the need for more coordinatation with the Districts Wells and South Booster station.  During limited allocation of water from the USBR during a drought, the District purchases water from outside sources and/or uses it's wells.  This project is to better coordindate the well operations, with the booster pump and storage tank when the water is needed.  

            - UPDATE 2024: In February 2024, the District with PACE engineering completed this project and tested it's components

Posted December 22, 2019


As of this date and more than a year later we are continuing to work with FEMA in an effort to secure funding for the damaged backwash ponds. The damage sustained is a result of the Carr fire that tore through Shasta County in July of 2018. Staff has been working on satisfying the needs of FEMA for funding the repairs.  The project is to replace two of the three "Backwash" ponds at the Treatment plant.  The replaced ponds will have a concrete lining - to prevent water intrusion and loss, increase maintenance abilities and cleaning of the ponds and better operational efficiency.

           - UPDATE 2024: In 2023, the District received a funding agreement from the State of California to fund this project engineering and construction.  The District's engineering partner PACE engineering designed the project in the fall of 2023, put the project out to bid, the District Board awarded the Bid to the lowest responsible bidder - Allan Gill Construction for $4.9million.  In 2024, the District recieved the updated Funding Amount from the State, and the Contraction intends to start in the Summer.

Posted December 15, 2018


CCCSD water treatment staff has been working hard to determine the expected intrusion of ash and debris that will likely enter Whiskeytown Lake when we begin to receive significant rainfall. The concern is specific to the diminished water quality that is expected with the coming Winter months. We are doing our best to anticipate what may be coming soon. 

Posted July 4, 2018


Field staff has started the Taffey Lane line replacement project this past week. The new 6" line will replace an older 4" line that has been a source of multiple line breaks in the past. This new line will increase flows and reliability to the customers in this area as well as provide a better means of fire protection with the installation of a new 6" dry barrel fire hydrant to repalce the old warf head style hydrant.


Posted: September, 2017


The District is currently in the middle of construction of a recycle backwash water project at the filtration plant located at the base of Whiskeytown Dam. This project will allow the district to recycle all water being used for backwash and instead of disposing of this water it will be able to be treated again and used as potable water.

This recycle project is being funded through the State Water Resources Control Board as a grant/loan the District applied for and received. The grant/low interest loan to complete the project totals $933,143.00. One half of the total project cost is grant money, the other half will be a low, 1.6% interest loan over a lifetime of 30 years.

This project is being required by the State Water Resources Control Boad and qualifies as a large conservation project with both the State and the Federal Government.


Posted: September, 2017


The District will begin the pipline replacement on Taffey Lane here in the Valley. The old, four inch line has been in need of replacement and the District will be funding this project in house. All of the materials have been purchased. The replacement line wiill be 6" PVC and will include all new hookups to existing homes already being served in this area. It will also include the replacement of the warfhead fire hydrant with a new Mueller dry barrel full fire hydrant. This project will begin as soon as the field crew get a break from the summer rush.


Posted: October 26, 2017


Checked balance and bearings on all pumps at the booster stations, both north and south. This is a part of regular maintenance and early detection of possible pump and motor issues that will save the district funds in the long run. All equipment checked out in good working order, no issues.


Posted: October 31, 2017


Field staff is rebuilding the PRV on Olinda Road. This is a part of a regular maintenance program designed to maintain district equipment in proper working order. This maintenance will replace the pressure control springs, the diaphragm, existing copper tubing and pressure gauges. 


Posted: November 28, 2017


On Monday, November 28th we had PETS (Pumping Efficiency Testing Services) perform performance testing on all three of the District's deep water well pumps at the well field. This is a PG&E sponsored program that we have taken advantage of over the past several years. Through this testing process, the pump motor efficiency can be evaluated and determined whether or not it is operating at peak performance. When the results are returned to us I will be certain to post that information.

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