All Forms & Reports

If you don't find the form or report you are looking for, please give us a call or stop by and visit us. We will gladly provide you with the information you need. Below are links to those most common documents you may be looking for. Click & go!

1) New Service applications - Owner / Renters - also found under the Customer Service menu.

2) Online Portal for ACH authorization - Click link or on Home page

3) There is not a "Green Rate" - the Ag rate applies to all Ag customers and is published under the rates page.

4) Water Quality Report - also found under the Resources menu.

5) Backflow/Well Information - also found under the Resources menu.

6) Drought Contingency Plan - also found under the Resources menu.

7) Board Agendas / Minutes - From 2017 to current - also found under the News and Notices menu.

8) Policies - also found under the Resources menu.

9) Agriculture Application - also found under the Customer Service menu in new service request.

10) WIIN Act Summons

11) Drought Ordinance 2021

12) Directors Application - When A Vacancy on the Board

13) 2021 Water Allocation updates - During Drought

14) Variance Form 2021

15) Public Records Request Form

16) Application for BOD for 2023

17) Crop Report Form