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Backwash Recycle Project

The Recycle project is in the final stages of completion for the next couple of weeks. Currently filter staff is running the plant in a manual fashion as the old MCC panel is being removed and replaced with new as well as all new logic controllers, VFD pumps, programming modifications, valve control, wiring, etc. These improvements are being done to be in compliance with the SWRCB regulatory division and will recycle all backwash water to be treated and used to supplemt the potable water supply. Over the course of the year in 2017 and operating the recycle system in manual mode the District recycled over 31 million gallons of water back into the system. 

Funding for this system is being supplied as a grant/loan from the State Water Resources Control Board Clean Water State Revolving Fund. The District was able to secure a grant for half of the total project cost with the other half being turned into a low interest, 30 year loan to the State. Total project cost is estimated at $933,143.00.