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ACWA View point on Permanent Water Conservation

More Information on Permanent Water Conservation - True or?

Another twist found on the ACWA site states: “Now that SB 606 and AB 1668 have been signed into law, ACWA is working closely with member agencies to ensure they can assess how the new requirements will affect them, including the timeline for implementation. One key issue that is widely misunderstood needs to be clarified. The new requirements do not restrict daily water use by individual customers, as has been erroneously reported by some.  Instead it requires water agencies to develop agency-wide water budgets, with local agencies determining how best to keep aggregate water use in their communities below agency-wide efficient water use targets.” 

What this means to Clear Creek is that a better understanding of the Senate Bill and Assembly Bill must be made to ensure compliance where compliance becomes necessary and to have a clear and distinct understanding of these new bills. With questions in mind I sent an email to the USBR Willows office asking for information on where the Federal side stood with this new legislation being mandated by the State.